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“Firm Mineral” Limited Liability Company has been engaged in the extraction and processing of the natural bischofite mineral (MgCl2 × 6Н2О) since 1992. Bischofite is mined in the Poltava region of Ukraine, in the Zaturinsky field that we had explored.
Since 1993, our company carried out geological exploration of the Zaturinsky bischofite natural occurrence and carried out pilot production operations with the aim of calculating reserves and preparing them for industrial development. In 1997, the result of geological exploration was reviewed by the State Committee for Reserves of Ukraine, and the calculation of reserves was approved. Until that time, bischofite reserves were not listed in the state balance of minerals. Since 2003, our company is the first and currently the only one in Ukraine that is conducting industrial development of bischofite deposits.
The huge reserves of such raw materials in the Poltava region, and their high quality from the point of view of industrial processing, as well as their favorable geographical location and developed infrastructure of the region make it possible to consider the Zaturinsky bischofite natural occurrence as highly promising and economically viable for exploitation.
The main product is a natural bischofite solution (RPB according to TU 25 U 22529511-003-97 of Ukraine). The natural bischofite solution is an aqueous solution of magnesium chloride with a density of 1250 - 1290 kg/m3; it is non-toxic, fire-safe and non-explosive; its production has no harmful factors, including chemical and biological ones (this is confirmed by the successful use of bischofite in medicine, agriculture, and veterinary medicine).
The extraction of natural bischofite solution in the conditions of our enterprise is carried out on the basis of all the industrial production requirements and according to proven technology using the latest quality control methods. The quality of our products is checked by a certified laboratory.
“Firm “Mineral” LLC is introducing new technical developments in the industrial production and use of bischofite. The adopted principles of organization and management of the enterprise allowed us to attract highly qualified specialists in various fields of science and technology.
Currently, there are a large number of scientific papers on the use of bischofite in the mining industry, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, construction, agriculture, veterinary medicine, medicine and other industries (Application). Based on these works, doctoral and candidate dissertations were defended, specific tools and methods for the multipurpose use of bischofite in various industries were developed; many of these tools and methods are defined as inventions. There are technical specifications, manuals, instructions for use, and recipes based on those inventions.


  • Detailed study of the structure of bischofite deposits in Zaturinsky area;
  • Improvement of the technological process and development of methods for more rational bischofite extraction;
  • Obtaining new product samples based on natural bischofite solution;
  • Search for and expansion of existing markets for natural bischofite solution in terms of both the finished product and its processed products.


  • Administration and management sector;
  • Research sector;
  • Engineering sector;
  • Single production facility (SPF) "Soleprom".

    Core products:

  • Natural bischofite solution (TU 25 U 22529511-003-97);
  • Sulfate-free solution of natural bischofite of IGK type (TU U 08.9-22529511-004:2012)..